SSL Certificates


Get the best SSL certificate for your website and boost your rankings and conversions!

We live in a world where everyone is connected to one another. Internet has made things easier, but it has also increased the doubt of crucial information being stolen. Most of the internet users leave the websites when they are asked to provide personal information as they do not feel secure. More than 80% of shoppers abandon their purchase when they feel the website is not secure. A website should be kept secured from hacking.

Only having a website is not enough for enhancing sales or leads. Do you know that just by enabling SSL in the website and obtaining an SSL certificate for your website can make it secure?

SSL offers your website the green browser bar from which visitors get the assurance that they are safe. Google also favours a site that is secure, so its ranking also increases. SSL certificate from Hosting Plaza is easy to set up and needs only a few clicks. It functions on any website, no matter where the domain is set. SSL helps in generating an encrypted link between the browser and the server.

So, why are you wasting time? Go and secure your website today for each and every transaction. Hosting Plaza is an authentic and one of the best SSL certificate providers in India that makes your website

  • Protected by enabling an SSL certificate.
  • Brings peace of mind to consumers by protecting your site and gaining customers’ trust.
  • There is no requirement of technical knowledge for installing SSL certificate in your website. Just buy the certificate and our team will help in the installation process.

The best SSL certificate to buy!

If you are wondering which is the best SSL certificate in India to buy? Well, then there is no direct answer to this and the type of certificate is based on business requirement. Each certificate is backed by a good warranty and high encryption.

Check out the three types of SSL certificate in India and tell us which one you want!

  • Domain validation certificate: It is a basic SSL certificate type and easiest way to keep your website secured. It can be used by those website owners who wish to authenticate only domain name. It is best for small businesses, personal websites and blogs.
  • Organization validated certificate: This certificate verifies the name of the organization behind the domain, thereby providing high security and brings more confidence for the website visitors. This is useful for e-commerce websites and other such shopping websites.
  • Extended validation certificate: It is one of the highly trusted certificates. It offers the green address bar, which gives assurance to the visitors that the website is highly safe and secured.

Buy an SSL certificate from us and ensure your security. Obtaining an SSL certificate from one of the leading SSL certificate providers in India offers peace of mind and service guarantee.