1. Choose your Domain

Your domain name should be your business name, related services, or mention your business in some way. That’s the key to successful branding and having people remember you.

2. Make it Easy To Remember

Choose a domain that’s easy to remember. Keeping it simple is the key to a great domain name, so avoid long words, slang or technical terms. If you have a great site that people can’t remember how to get to, then that doesn’t help you at all.

3. Get Specific

Your domain name should be unique, since you want to stand out from the competition. Don’t choose domains that are exactly the same as another domain but with a hyphen added in the middle or an s at the end. If someone tells their friends about your site, you want to be sure that they make it to the right one.

4. Choosing a Country Domain

If your business has a target market in a specific country, then this is a perfect option. We recommend that businesses of this type use country-specific domains. For example: Australian businesses should register .com.au while United Kingdom businesses should register .co.uk or .uk. It lets your customers know that they are dealing with a local person.

We have unique country domains for every country in the world: choose the one that best suits your location.

5. Choosing a Local Domain

Make your domain easier to find in local searches. If your business is meant for people in a small area, then this is perfect for you. Google considers both sides of the “dot” in your domain, so make use of new cities including .melbourne, .sydney, .london, .berlin, .nyc, and .tokyo. These new domains are great for local businesses and relatively new, so many valuable domains are still available.

6. Choosing a Generic Domain

Don’t be limited to .com. New domain extensions allow you to get a more meaningful domain, and since they are new there are many more names available. There are new options for businesses like .plumber, .lawyer or .club, you can make it personal with .me or .guru, or more general with .website, .xyz or .top. It never hurts to get the .com domain as well, though, and add a 301 redirect to your main site. Remember that some people don’t always remember that anything other than .com exists.

7. Protect your Domain Name: Register Multiple Domains

Many brands register multiple domain names to protect their trademarks – there are NO limits to the number of domain names you can have at Crazy Domains.

For example, Facebook has their main domain at facebook.com, but they have a great number of other domains, both to localize their products (like facebook.jp, for example) and to make sure that their users can find them even if they have made a mistake typing in the domain name (like facebok.com and facebook.org). They have also registered fb.com to make it easier for people to find them with just a few keystrokes.

8. Check Trademarks

Some domains are restricted to countries or cities, others depend on the business that’s using them. Then there are trademarks. Before you decide which domain you want to buy, make sure that it isn’t trademarked.

It’s also a good idea to check the spelling on your domain name and make sure it can’t be misunderstood.

9. Reserve Your Domain

You don’t even need a website to register a domain: anybody can have one. Hundreds of new domains are registered every minute. If you have a good idea for a domain name, don’t wait to register it – or it could be gone by the time you try. Many webmasters park domains if they have a good idea for a website but don’t want to commit to hosting it just yet.

10. Register Now

Registering a domain name at Crazy Domains is easy, fast, and approved quickly – so you can spend less time registering your website and more time being productive.

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